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Welcome to the blog of Parkville International Students' Association or PISA. In this blog we strive to bring you the latest news concerning our association as well as being an avenue for you to seek assistance when the need arises. This blog will slowly replace PISA's website as a blog is easier to maintain. But the website will also be retained for sentimental purposes. Why pisa05? It because we want to remember that PISA is established in 2005. We hope you have fun in PISA. Happy reading!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


welcome back everyone! it's nice to see everyone back here at monash healthy and fit.
anyway, PISA will be having a welcome lunch mainly to welcome first years but also to welcome other years students as well. it will be our pleasure to serve you on this Thursday, 19 March 2009 at SNAKE PIT!!! We will be serving kaya toast, barbecue chicken and pork with rice and a very famous Malaysian dessert 'ais kacang'.

p/s : MEMBERS : FREE ( bring your pisa card please)

See you there!! :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

good luck and farewell...

it's the time of the year where you will bid farewell and saying good luck to your friends.

In this PISA, we have organized alot of activities every year and we hope that we are not just wasting your precious time to study but to bring more sweet memorable memories to you all.

Especially to the 4th year students that are leaving this year, we hope that you have enjoyed your uni life, all the activities that we have organized and all the hangouts that you have spent with us. we hope that when you leave, you will have no regrets because you have spent your time wisely not just on studying but to bring the most out of your uni life!! we understand that this is part and parcel of life and that you will part ways with your friends but you have memories with you that you can always bring with you.
and we would like to wish you all the best in your future undertakings.Good luck!

PISA would also like to wish all of the students out there all the best and good luck for your final exam! and to the other students that are not leaving this year, we hope that you will join us more next year to brighten your life, to make your uni life more meaningful and to know more friends! We are here to cheer up your life :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Today we had a small meeting at the cafeteria to set up our new committee for next year. SO, here we goes.... *akhem akhem* PISA proudly present to all of you, our new committee members for 2009 starring...
(we have some pictures just in case you dont know who the new committee members are)










With these new committee members, we aim to bring out more fun, more excitement to you. WE are here to make your university days more memorable and meaningful!

Hot pot and bbq!!

On Sunday, 28 September 2008, PISA has organized a small yet GLAMOROUS party aka bbq and hot pot. It was a great success. It was a windy day but yet we are still motivated to continue on with the plan. Food was finished and laughter were heard. Some played games like mafia while some played mahjong.. to make things short, everyone has a wonderful time and still managed to fill up their tummy! It was certainly a day well spent!! :)

p/s: pictures grabbed from robin's facebook

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Latest updates of AGM

Your 2009 PISA president is.......


Vice president: Aaron Sik

Congrats to both!!!

(p/s: full coverage of this event would be done later.. please excuse the extremely busy blog manager =p)

Monday, September 15, 2008


The PISA annual general meeting will be held this Thursday (18/9) in Cossar Hall Tute Room 1 from 4.30p.m. to 6.00p.m. It will be an avenue where we review our preformances this year and you as a PISA member can offer your opinions on how we went and what we can improve on. All PISA members are invited to the AGM.

For those of you interested, we will also be conducting elections for 2009 Executive Council positions. This year there will be 7 Executive Council positions available. Every PISA member can be on the council. All you have to do is to attend the AGM, voice you interest, do a short speech and get people to vote for you. Easy! As council members, you will have an opportunity to develop your leadership skills and have more say in how the club should proceed! You will also be responsible for a portfolio such as secretary or welfare officer or liaison officer etc.

Of course every council need a leader, and you can vote for the one you think can lead PISA to greater heights next year. The two presidental candidates for 2009 are:

James Voo (2nd year B.Pharm undergrad)

My name is James Voo. I am interested in becoming the President of PISA for the term 2008/2009 because I am capable of handling this huge responsibility. I will contribute most of my energy and time to organise any activities in Parkville International Student Association (PISA) despite the packed schedule for a 3rd year student next year. As I have been a treasurer for 5 years in my secondary school, I believe that I am a responsible and a trustworthy person. Besides, I have also held the position of President of the Taekwondo Association and Vice Secretary of Consumer Club before. Currently, I hold the position of Vice Secretary in PISA and have played an important role in organising some major activities such as the International Student Organisation (ISO) Meeting and Mooncake Festival in our Parkville Campus. Thus, with all the experiences that I have gained, I am confident that I would be able to bring PISA to greater heights. As a president of PISA, I will fight for the rights and welfare of international students in our Parkville Campus. Furthermore, I will ensure that PISA will bring more activities to our members and ultimately you will all have an enjoyable and unforgettable university life. To sum them up, I am very dedicated to become the President of PISA and will make a change in the future of our beloved association, PISA.

Aaron Sik (1st year B.Pharm undergrad)

Why do I want to be PISA president? Well, besides obvious reasons such as honor and the desire to lead, it’s mainly because of my enthusiasm in organizing events and activities, something which I really enjoy doing. Also, being PISA’s president would grant me opportunities to meet new friends, particularly international students from Parkville as well as other Monash campuses.

Regarding what I can bring for PISA next year, given the opportunity, I would strive to elevate the status of PISA from a ‘club’ to ‘a part of the Student Union’, something which I believe to be possible. I trust that this to be the best way to obtain more funding for better activities and more participations. Besides, I would strive to unite every committee member so as to achieve harmony within the committee. Only then, can we communicate and cooperate effectively with each other for the greater good of PISA and all international students. In short, given the opportunity, I will play my best to bring PISA to greater heights.

Both of them will also be giving a short speech during the AGM. Come and hear them out and vote for one of them!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Mooncake Festival

As promised, the mooncake festival was brought to VCP on 11th of September 2008!!

We prepared heaps of mooncakes to satisfy your appetite... (Thanx a lot to Tamara, our international student officer for getting the mooncakes and lanterns!)We've committee members and helpful volunteers to set up the lanterns for you~~
And around 4.30pm, people start to fill in the cafeteria...
We started off with a few games.. We brought in the new game this year, Bo Bing, a traditional game played in Xiamen, China. The game involves 6 dices, which u throw into a bowl and judging by the pattern of the dices, you win prizes.
We had a desk of mahjong~~
And some conventional games such as Bingo...
and Jenga...
"Mooncake Festival is all about togetherness!" as rightly said by our advisor Robin... And to ensure that everyone blend together, we had this game: "London bridge" version of Musical Chair! (haha.. sorry for the poor creativity on the naming, i'm running out of ideas)
And after the game, it is TIME FOR MOONCAKES!!!!! wooow~~ we sure get a good response for this!
"which flavour should i get...."
Happy people with mooncakes!
When it got a bit darker, it is TIME FOR THE LANTERNS!!!
Ladies looking at... the... moon... no wait... the sky?

Group photo of those that stayed back for the lantern!
Introducing the first years (+Robin =p)
The 2nd years...
The 4th years!
All in all, this could very well be the best event we have had so far!! Good games, good food, good people... We sure do hope that we brought you one of the best mooncake festival that you've ever had in Melbourne and hope very much that you had enjoyed the event. We're DEFINITELY gonna do this again next year! So people, GIVE US YOUR SUPPORT!! We do welcome suggestions on how we can improve our events (not just this one, but all the others as well), so please help us to improve by dropping us an email in pisa2005@gmail.com or by leaving comments on this blog.

We hope to bring you more interesting events in the future! Till then, ta! =)

(p/s: We apologise that this event could not fit into the 3rd years schedule, join the fun again next year!!)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mooncake Festival!

Hello fellow PISA members!!

Yes!! It is the time of the year where PISA host the yearly event: Mooncake festival!! and this time, in collaboration with Global Friendship Series, we're bringing you one of the best mooncake festival ever organised in Parkville Campus!
Date: 11th of September 2008, Thursday
Time: 4.30-6pm
Venue: Cafeteria

What's a mooncake festival without food and fun??? We're NOT gonna let you miss out on the traditional part of this festival!! Mooncakes will be ready on the table and so will the lanterns and the candles! Curious to know how Mooncake Festival originated? We'll tell you all about it over the mooncake feast and lantern walk!

It doesn't matter if you'll be late! Just come after lecture/prac/tutorial and join us for the fun!

oh by the way, it is TOTALLY FREE. ;)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

PISA fun fair --> SUCCESS!

Dear members,

As promised, we brought you a FUN FAIR!! This is TOTALLY NEW in VCP, no one has ever done this before!! Let the pictures do the talking, shall we?

Present to you: PISA's mini fun fair in Cossar Hall on 4th of August, along with PISA iconic figure: Miss Aisha Adam, our vice president!
The prizes that we prepared for you to win!
Now now... let's introduce you to the games...

This is our Wheel of Fortune!
The Loop of Luck with some of our committee members, fr left: Kendy, Vivian, Aaron and Phik Lun.
Buzz, You LOSE! a highly sophisticated game designed and built by our advisor, Robin Tan (hidden behind the posters). Present to you: Our first GRAND winner of the game!!!
We've got a lil free time during the event.. so... you get a sneak peek into PISA committee member's current mental state: model-wannabees.. (or near crazy!)
This is Circus Roll.. A highly challenging game where you'll have to roll the ball into one of the holes to gain points. Built by Robin, Boon Phiaw and James, Graphics are beautifully designed by Vivian and Kendy.
Heheh.. the NBA wannabees, an attempt to satisfy the needs of basketball-deprived VCP students.
Kudos to our committee members!
Standing fr left: Lay Ai, Robin, Aaron, Vivian, Phik Lun, Sophy, James
in front fr left: Aisha, Chu Jie, Kendy
not in picture: Jyo, Lynn, Nirisha, Boon Phiaw, Kush, Bryan, Kerry
PISA would like to thank all that came to the event and all that gave support to PISA in many different forms to make the event a TOTAL success! We welcome any sort of suggestion to make PISA a better club for everyone, do drop us an e-mail at pisa2005@gmail.com, or simply drop a comment in this blog, we'll respond to your suggestion/questions as soon as we can.